Thursday, October 23, 2008

I bring you Jay Ingram's book, The Daily Planet Book of Cool Ideas. Yeah, I know right, nice book. But the best part of the book is, of course, pages 258-261. Those are the pages that feature my truck! After Discovery Channel Canada's interviews, the book picked up the story, and a few months later, voila- I'm in a book. So yeah, if anyone's interested, it is now available in the US from


Anonymous said...

When I was first exposed to high performance RC toys as a boy, it didn't take long for me to observe that to scale, those cars were doing 400+ mph if they were fullsize. The concept was set in stone for me when at 16 years of age in Fairbanks, Alaska, I witnessed two unloaded locomotives during a late nite car rotation, line up on paralell tracks and began to drag race eachother. All I could think about was Diesel electric hybrids after witnessing such an awesome spectacle, and I pondered the superiority of an electric motor to deliver torque to the wheels of any vehicle. I am a Toyota auto mechanic that recieved my formal training through General Motors. I was the object ridicule from my instructors as well as my classmates when I expressed enthusiasm for hybrids to arrive some day, so that we all can benefit from electricity's pure transfer of torque with controlled rpm. I was emphatic about the day we would throw conventional transmissions into the wasteful and obsolete "bin" of technological history. I think it is fantastic that you have taken such steps in your youth to study and apply this use of technology that most undoubtedly, will be, and should have been, the way we get around, Earth-bound and beyond. Good luck

chillo said...

Like your site. I agree with you on many fronts. Feel free to come visit at and say hi too. Cheers!