Sunday, August 27, 2006

Before Conversion...

To start off, here's a picture of my truck before conversion to electric power. It's a 1988 Mazda B2200. It's somewhat rusty, but not too bad. It's got a lot of miles on it, so the engine smokes pretty badly (especially on startup), but the rest of the truck seems to be in good mechanical shape. This is pretty much ideal for a conversion.

The idea is to convert the truck to 100% electric power, as a zero emissions vehicle (ZEV). This will be done by removing the dirty internal combustion engine (ICE) components and installing an electric motor, batteries, etc. in their places.

The truck should be able to cover most, if not all, of my daily traveling needs. I'm expecting to end up with a range of no less than 25 miles, probably at least 35. This is will be plenty for me. I'll be able to recharge it at night, when I'll rarely have to drive it, and it'll be ready to go in the morning.

So that's the plan. At this point, I've acquired a motor for the project and I've removed the engine and transmission. I'll cover this in future posts, when I have the time. Watch this space for more info!


Eddy Family said...


You're going for it. Do the hard things! They will pay off in the end, with much determination, perseverance, and encouragement.

We can't wait to see what you learn and share with the rest of us!

Start the converting,
Mrs. Eddy

Andrew said...

Thanks! I'm doing my best.


Paz said...

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Anonymous said...

god for you !
i wish i have the kwnolge for do that to my old truck!

Anonymous said...

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