Monday, April 07, 2008

Hey all, it occurred to me (and I guess to a few other readers as well!) that it can be kinda hard to figure out exactly what's going on here without reading the blog from the very beginning. So for those of you who want some quick and dirty info, here's a couple links on my cars:



They'll also be in my links section. I don't update them as often as my blog, but they should provide some good info.


Anonymous said...

Hm, getting broken links there.

Andrew said...

They seem to work fine for me... If nothing else works you could copy and paste the text into your browser.

Mal said...

Hi Andrew, I just came across your blog. I am currently documenting my EV conversion here

I look forward to reading about your pickup conversion!

Chad said...

Hi Andrew, i tried to subscribe to your RSS feed and there are no Subject lines for the blog posts so it is hard to tell what the post is about on my RSS aggregator.

just an FYI!

Love the projects, and it is tempting to start my own, but i lack in good electric knowledge. When dealing with this much voltage and amperage it makes me a bit nervous.

I have the automobile knowledge and experience. I have rebuilt engines and fixed just about everything on a car execept a transmission.

Keep up the great work!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. It's good to hear the input. I'll try to remember to put subjects on the posts from now on.

Chad- the electrical side isn't too bad, especially after all the research you have to do to get through the project. You never have to work on live circuits or anything, and you'll have lots of safety interlocks. But yeah, I'll admit it, it is kinda scary the first time you fire it up!

Anonymous said...

If you're not involved with a FIRST team, time to look into it. Kettering offers a 20K scholarship for kids like you, but you need to be involved in FIRST (High School Robotics Competition) to qualify.

Great work!

James said...

Hey Andrew,

This is AWESOME! People like you put all the big players to shame!

Would be great if there was more of a central "howto" or a wiki with more information so people could share their knowledge on how to do this.

More and more people with the know how are busting out bikes and cars.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a runny tally of costs. That is the primary factor for folks who aren't doing it as a statement. Giving real world conversion costs will help people make the decision. Like me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other folks that are DIY-interested, but aren't in-the-know about EV stuff. Basically, we're all in the dark about the following:

1. Sourcing EV Parts
2. Controlling Costs
3. Suggestions for people in apartments and/or without access to a shop.

Wikipedia has a nice section on Electric Vehicles, but it's very light on the above info. Blogs like this are a veritable goldmine for this kind of know-how, and are almost the only kind of source available!

Mike M said...

Yes, budget info would be awesome.