Saturday, April 19, 2008

You see a wiring harness... I see a work of art

Here's the completed wiring harness for my component board. If all goes well I should have this all installed by the end of the day.


Anonymous said...
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koulpa said...

I see a work of art too..:)
I just found you.. and a I went throu all the blog.. amazing.. more then 30 years I wanted to do something like that.. at first there was no data.. no sufitient butteries.. no electronics.. later there were no monay and time.. but reading here I thing maby time has come.. thenx alot..:)
I am waiting for more.. keep the good work..:)

Anonymous said...

Do NOT CLICK ON The Warning! "See Here" !!!!!

It is a Virus and will Hurt your computer if you run windows. I clicked it but luckily I have a MAC.

Andrew said...

Thanks koulpa... Sorry about the spam, it's been deleted. Thanks for the heads up!