Saturday, July 05, 2008

144v upgrade

Here's a pic of the 144v upgrade on my truck. I added four more batteries above the motor. The other four that were already in the engine compartment kept their original position. The component board was turned on edge and mounted against the firewall, and the charger and vacuum system were scattered all over the place to make room. Everything else stayed exactly the same.


Anonymous said...

From the "Invisible 12": Hello Andrew...Thank goodness...we were about STARVING over here! Like I said before, we're 12 guys doing some R&D here in Detroit. We're huge fans of your blog. Hey...for your thinking cap; we've been experimenting with exothermic augmented closed loop heating systems. Capacity is about 10 gallons of liquid in a closed loop. This liquid is reactive with a reagent injected into the loop on a continuous measured basis...that's the "augmented" part. Total reagent reservoir quantity is just a few ounces, and we're seeing about 10 hours of usable heating before the system must be purged and recharged. We should have a measured wattage rating (and a Btu conversion as well) in a couple of weeks, once we complete building the test rig. The idea will be to have a single multiplex fluid exchange port on the car, into which the recharging unit (basically an electrolytic separator mounted on a 4-wheel cart...runs on household current) will connect with a quick-release fitting. That way electric cars can be heated without wasting valuable on-board battery power. Obviously, we can't get specific about the reagents we're using, but the chemistry is pretty basic, and there are lots of options when it comes to reagent pairs to generate heat. Basically, you'd need to build a heat exchanger designed specifically for the reagents you plan to employ. Also, the first of many "mystery hints" for you as you crack into the bedeviling subject of range-per-charge: Magnetic Resonance. We'll be checking back in within a day or so.

Keep on keepin' on.

Also...the Tercel looks great...we'd love to get behind the wheel.

Congrats on the Mazda voltage upgrade as well!!

Anonymous said...

How much heat does this motor generate? Would a thermastat controled oil fill cooling system work as a heater also? Wrap the motor with tubing and use the heater core in the cab as the radiator.