Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And the verdict is...

Success! I rolled into the driveway with juice to spare, and I even stopped at Starbucks on the way. According to my trip odometer, my truck has seen almost exactly 70 miles today, almost all of it in 55 mph zones. No trouble there... Talk about a money saver!

Later folks... This is a very pleased EV driver, signing off.


Anonymous said...

...And the fans are going totally wild!!!!

Invisible 12 say "HOOOOOOYEAH!!!!"

Andrew said...

Always good to hear from you guys. It's stuff like that that helps keep me out in the garage. Plus your projects sound awesome!

Email me if you can- greenflightev(at)gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Andrew. "Invisible 12" here. First closed-loop test won't run until Monday...brazing of tubes did not meet pressure test safety factor (which, by the way, is 10). It was VERY tough to make the decision to put it off, but the LAST thing we need around here is a safety issue taking attention away from the REAL task at hand.

We'll be working this weekend, as you can imagine.

Charge on!