Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breaking news!

Well, not quite, but whatever. My latest "media event:" ABC came over and did a feature story for today's news. I didn't get to see it, but reports indicate that it turned out well, and the transcript looks good. Not a bad day!

Stay tuned for more after these very important messages!


Reisyboy said...

Would be nice if you could post the youtube video if you find it.

koulpa said...

haha you becoming famousse..:):)
..will you keep ansering the comments?:P
waiting for more:):)

Andrew said...

Hey guys,
Sorry for not answering the comments. I've barely had time to send posts. Anyway, it should be relatively easy to find the video on google. Just search on "Andrew Angellotti ABC 12." For some reason the links I send out don't work.

Koulpa, as always, good to hear from you!

Oh, and "Mystery 12"- if you happen to read this, feel free to shoot me an email at greenflightev(at)


Mike M said...

Nice job.


Mike M said...
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Mike M said...

try it again..

News article and video

Anonymous said...

here is a dum cuestion:
do your transmision still uses fluid?
if i what to start something like that(convert an ICE to EVE) there is any book to look at?
thanks keep the god work your are an inspiration!